Why am i having a hard time selling?

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yea mileage has alot to do with it, even if u think its less because of the gears, the person buying it sees 84k on the odometer so thats what there gonna go by. ide drop your price down to like 5500 or maybe even say 6000 or best offer? just an idea

I also see you live in NJ. There aren't many people wanting or willing to pay top dollar for a car they won't really be able to drive until winter is over. Like others have said, put a shift kit in it and it might change your mind about selling. If you don't like the auto after that sell it in the spring when there is a greater market for stangs.
There are a few reasons why you are having a hard time. First is the most obvious...its an automatic which usually go for considerably less than the 5 speed cars. (at least in my area they do)
Second reason is that it's almost winter and this really isnt the best time to try selling a car like that. Most guys are lookig to spend cash on a car like that in the spring when everyone is pulling out their rides. So unless the price is spectacular you're going to have a hard time selling it at this time.
Third thing is price. Although it had alot of miles on it i got my 94 cobra with a rebuilt motor for $6K which was about the normal asking price for a cobra in my area. (i saw three at or near that price last august when i was looking)
Good luck with it and let us know what happens!

Chopped Liver said:
If you don't like the auto after that sell it in the spring when there is a greater market for stangs.

That's so true. I had a 94 V6 and I got $5,200 for it! It was in good condition, but that's over blue book, but that is just cuz people are willing to spend a little more for the car when they car drive it right away.

BTW...I didn't scam the buyer. He knew exactly what blue book was. It did have 17" GT wheels and MAC CAI though.

What are you looking to do with a manual? Are you planning to go faster? Or do you like the ability to shift and look cool? Any racer knows that it is easier to stay the most consistant with an auto, autos will shift faster (some even do it while the front is looking up at the sky), and in some cases you have less drive train loss than you do over a 5 spd. If you are doing it to get faster than your pos auto think again with the right stall your pos auto will be faster, if you are doing it to look cool how cool would it look if that stick guy got smoked by an auto. Yes comparing a stock 5 spd to a stock auto the 5 spd will win, but comparing a slightly modified auto to a slightly modified 5spd, I would put more to the auto than the 5spd.

My suggestion would be to hold off on the cobra, keep your "fobra" (ssotn Adam Drugger lingo) and put a little work into it you will be better off being that you won't have to do the performance upgrades all over again, but if you like loosing money and like doing things a second time around go for it, no skin off my back.