Will Cobra tailpipes give the same look as stock LX tails?


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Jul 25, 2003
Springfield, MO
I have a chance to buy some Cobra tails from a guy for $50 + Shipping. My LX needs to tails because the part over the axle is rusted. I was going to just tape it up w/ exhaust tape, but figured replacing them would be better if I could get a good deal.

Will the cobra tails fit differently than the LX tails? Are the tips bigger? I really like how the LX tails are and wouldn't even change anything if they weren't rusted to hell above both sides over the axle.

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I don't think that the cobra tails are polished becuase they are covered by the ground effects... Functionally they are probably the same, but they probably wont be as shiney.
is there a way to use my stock hangers instead of the cobra hangers? I know one guy said he cut the hangers

93tealstang: I'm just trying to make sure they'll fit...don't want to buy them and have 'em not fit my car or look stupid. I understand your position...do what you gotta do. I'll send ya an e-mail or something when I decide. :nice:
You can use a torch and easily cut off the hangers and then have your stock ones welded on. I might actually check around and see if I can get them cut off anyways because I'd like longer hangers on my currect tailpipes. So there you go.....they'd fit just like a brand new set of stockers with your hangers. Everything else about them is exactly the same.