Expired Wilwood Brakes - Brand New Never Installed - Fits '99-'04 Gt


Jul 1, 2003
New york
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WILWOOD racing brakes for sale:

Back in 2013 I began gathering upgrades for my 2003 mustang GT project but unfortunately, the build out had to be suspended indefinitely. Doesn't make sense for me to keep these packed in the garage taking up space for now.

Here are the components. Each component has its own price as I'm willing to sell each of the three components separately.

Fitment is 1994 - 2004 MUSTANG GT for all of the below.

1. Wilwood CPB 13" brake kit -REAR-... black/slotted rotors.........$1,230 - this box is unopened. it was drop shipped to me directly from Wilwood.

2. Wilwood (superlite 6) SL6R 14" brake kit -FRONT-.... black/drilled rotors - 6 piston calipers (black calipers).........$1,710 - pics of these components unboxed are above. it was drop shipped to me directly from Wilwood. I unboxed it to admire the parts when I received the kit.

3. Wilwood parking brake cable kit........$155


All 3 of the above purchased TOGETHER for $3,000.

I'm located in Baiting Hollow, NY (suffolk county of long island, north of riverhead).

Prefer a local deal, but willing to ship; buyer pays full shipping costs.

Cash, paypal, or cashier's check ONLY.
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