Witnessed a major car accident today

Aug 19, 2004
Northern VA / VT
Well I was on my way home from my sister's house in Alexandria on 395. I was in the right lane really just cruisin, didn't feel like going fast. Well I see this Toyota Sienna coming up pretty damn fast on my left. Well it passes me and I then proceed to watch him switching lanes like a mad man.

About 2 min. goes by, when all of a sudden I see a huge cloud of smoke and sparks in the distance. As I drive closer, I then see the same Sienna on it's side. Total wreck. I pull over to the side since everyone else did, but I then decided to pass it just in case it blew up or something (dumb idea). As I was passing I saw a guy's arm hanging outside the window with the van ontop of it. I've seen some shjt in my lifetime but nothing like that.

So I was thinking, if I did decide to go a little faster, I would have probably been in that accident. I dunno, but for some reason something in the back of my mind told me to just chill in the right lane and go speed limit. Someone was def. looking out for me tonite.
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Aug 19, 2004
Northern VA / VT
I stopped. But right when I was about to dial 911, a cop right behind me turned on his lights. The people ahead of me had to stop for questioning, I was too far away to be questioned all I saw was smoke and sparks.

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Feb 24, 2003
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Not that you could have done anything if you did stop :shrug: That's some scary stuff, talk about disturbing. I have a knack for witnessing motorcycle accidents for some reason. Everytime it makes me re-think getting a bike. Then I think of my dad who NEVER wear a helmet :nonono:
Aug 19, 2004
Northern VA / VT
BlueOvalStangGT said:
wholy **** man, thats kidna scary. Im glad your ok, did you know if everyone made it?
I'm pretty sure the passenger got pretty f'd up. I mean the whole side of the van was on his arm. I saw the cop check if the people were ok. He immediately got on his radio so I'm guessing some of them needed some urgent help.

After seeing that, I think twice before I put the pedal to the floor. Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. It has changed my outlook on how serious driving really is.
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