WOO new valve seals in!


New Member
Oct 2, 2007
Hamilton, NJ
ripped apart the top end of my car today, valve seals were WORN. old ones were over a half inch. new ones were about a 1/4 inch.

also one cylinder wasn't getting spark because it was soaked in carbon and oil. replaced the spark plug. runs awesome now.

ordering new valve covers, maybe new rockers and a intake elbow for my intake tomorrow. getting rid of the egr, and ordering new exhaust.

haven't gotten a chance to really open it up, but i gave it about a half throttle around the block, and it pulls like it did before at full throttle.

oh and, whole reasoning for doing this, used to smoke horribly. burned about 4 quarts of oil in about 250 miles.

it smoked at first, but ran it 3 different times tonight, and no smoke at all.
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