XENON Skirts/kit.


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May 13, 2002
British Columbia
Anyone have pics of it? Perferably angles where I can see the side skirts.

Think they would look alright on my stang or should I keep my GT ones. I have the cobra front with the abc exclusive lip.

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that is the cobra bumper on that car. I'd say go for the side skirts cause lord knows the stockers really arent that great. Also if i was you i might go with the S-281 wing as well. Maybe get in on that group purchsase.
I can't wait to ditch my Xenon side skirts. They extend down approx 3" from the side metal pimch seam under the car. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to lower it as it sits so low on the sides now. I'm SERIOUSLY concidering the entire stalker kit for my car as its the only one out there that I even remotely like.