Yet another Mach 460 Thread ;-)


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Mar 6, 2002
San Diego
With the search function words are too short, too long, then waiting 45 seconds to search again gets annoying fast. So if this has been gone over a million times, im sorry, but help me out!! If I want to reuse the mach 460 speakers with a aftermarket headunit, which wiring harness do i need, and is that all? Again, sorry if this has been gone over a ton, i cant find a past thread, or find one easily. -Danny
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The harness you need is the 94 and up amp integrater harness, can't remember what the part ## is off the top of my head but go to any shop and they will know what you are talkin about, the harness will have one rectecangular plug that is grey with all you power and ground and turn on leads in it, and one square plug that is black with all your speaker leads, also you need a level converter that splices inline with the speaker leads so you do not blow up the amps, together you should spend around 50 beans, good luck and let me know if you need help Dan