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Dec 18, 2004
Was down the shore this weekend and had a little time on my hands. While i was rummaging throught my parents garage, I found a bottle of "Zymol" wax... Never heard of it before, but i figured i'd give it a shot. I was absolutely amazed at how good this stuff worked. Ended up takin it back home with me. Anybody ever heard of it?? Dries in seconds, buffs off easier than any wax i've ever used, and the shine was like nothing i've ever seen.
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Infinity02Zinc said:
I think it's kind of a precursor to products like Zaino. The stuff actually works pretty good- it just doesn't last long. Of course, as easy as it works, you don't mind doing it more often.

Apples and Oranges. Zaino is a synthetic polymer and Zymol is a natural Wax. Zymol prides themselves on using natural ingredients in their products.

There is a wide range of Zymol products from their Zymol Cleaner wax which is packaged and distributed by Turtle Wax up to their expensive Estate waxes that require a home mortgage to purchase.

If you bought Zymol at an auto parts store it is likely the cleaner wax. I used it for a long time and I found it to be durable. It does have a few drawbacks though, it will stain black trim white and if you apply too much it is a bear to remove. Knowing those limitations though it is a good product. I do believe the Zymol has discontinued this as the result of a dispute with Turtle Wax. You will probably still be able to find it on store shelves though as I have seen it locally.


I also have some of the more expensive Zymol products like their Zymol Creame and it is a breeze to use but, as others have said durability is an issue. The people Zymol targets their high end products to don't really care about durability as their products are usually used on garage queens.

I've used the Zymol Cleaner Wax on several different vehicles with great results. I don't think you can purchase a better consumer level single-step product... for how easy it is to use the results are impressive. It wipes on and buffs off very easily and gives a nice reflective shine. I've found that it works well both by hand and with an orbital buffer. Smells good too...
I learned of Zymol through my wife's Uncle who will only use that on his BMW's. I tried it and used it for years! But, I gave it up for the newer Turtle Wax Ultra Gloss which blows it out of the water.
UhadMEatGT said:
I learned of Zymol through my wife's Uncle who will only use that on his BMW's. I tried it and used it for years! But, I gave it up for the newer Turtle Wax Ultra Gloss which blows it out of the water.

Just wondering wich of the two would have better results lol..I am stuck on the turtle wax ultra gloss so I guess I know I wont be changing any time soon huh lol
i finally used the zymol cleaner wax that comes in a skinny blue bottle.

that stuff is amazing. i've recently been using classe and zymol smokes it by far. I've used it on my girls white car and my dark blue subie. even on the white it makes a huge differance compared to the classe. on the blue it really gives it that depth you want on a dark car.

the only thing i regret is not clay baring the car first. but it was ok. the car is really smooth. the week after i waxed it there was bird turd on her car that stayed there on the hood for 4 days. when i washed the car on sunday it just came off when i sprayed it with water. i didn't even need to rewax the area.

i also use some type of turtle wax concetrated formula and i didn't need to wax it again.

when I applied it I used a craftsman buffer to make it easier to put on. and just took it off by hand with a baby soft towl or microtowel. Just follow the direction do a section at a time. over all each car took me 2 hours since i did the buffing step. (wash, dry, get the buffer out apply wax, remove wax by hand, did the whole car before i went around again with a spray bottle and buffed it out using the micro cloths.)

the finall step really set it off. use a spray bottle and just mist the area and just buff with micro fiber cloth. easy. i did the whole car with one towel. it doesn't matter if the towel is damp by the end.

i'm searching now for a carnuba based wax with no cleaners so i can put more than one layer.

(there is no sence is putting more than one coat of cleaner wax.)
The Zymol Cleaner Wax in the blue bottle is made by Turtle Wax (Chicago address on the label) is a licensed product from the makers of the overpriced premium waxes that come in fancy packaging.

Zymol Cleaner Wax is available at places like Target for like 10 or 12 bucks and is a much different beast than the "real" Zymol. Some people like it, but I haven't tried it. Having tried the Ice products, I have a hard time liking anything from Turtle Wax, no matter what name they put on it.
I never understood why the marketing natzis over at Zymol would license their name out to a cheap Turtle Wax AIO. Something was always fishy about that to me. I always thought that Turtle Wax probably won some sort of law suit against Zymol for some sort of infringement and that was their award... use that name on a regular product. Who knows.