1. Hudson N

    Do I have the upgraded intake manifold?

    I come from fox bodies, so I'm new to the 4.6. I'm wondering if my 04 has the upgraded manifold? Under load on the freeway it gets a little bit of shaking like its motor mounts, but it seems solid at idle, any ideas what it could be? Heres some photos of my manifold. Thanks
  2. 0

    Progress thread - GT Auto to Manual Swap (and new seats!)

    Researching these forums has been really helpful for me, so I'll leave some details of my trans swap to maybe help others down the road. Car 2001 GT Auto - 1st owner, 60k miles. I bought most of the following parts 10 years ago, and then took a break from modding the car while my kids were...
  3. 9

    96 Cobra questions

    Hello All, I am new to the 4.6 SVT Cobra. I had a 95 several years back but this is entirely different to me. So my questions are this 96 has 174,000ish miles on it. It's cammed and tuned. 1.Cold start there is always a white'ish smoke eventually goes away, what could that be? Is it a big...
  4. Q

    Do 4.6L and 3.8L share the same motor mounts?

    Do the 4.6L and 3.8L share the same motor mounts? Would aftermarket maximum motorsports 4.6 solid motor mounts also fit 3.8L V6? Edit. The car is a 1998.
  5. R

    Whats up! I'm new to the forum!

    Hey what's up everyone! New to the forum. Looking to gain more insight into Mustang restoration. Currently own a Triple Black 1997 Mustang GT convertible (Automatic) . Owned it for about 8 years and I think it's time to put some serious work into it. Was lucky enough to have this as my first car...
  6. J

    Engine Choice Help

    I am really indecisive and cant choose what motor combo I would like to do in my 03 4.6l. The options with cost estimates are $1000 Supercharger w/ 100k mile motor w/ tune $1700 Supercharged w/100k mile motor w/ forged piston rebuild kit w/ tune $2000 Supercharged w/ old motor that needs head...
  7. M

    Having a Misfire issue after PI intake swap on 96 Mustang V8

    So, I did the intake manifold swap for my car. Went from a crappy Dorman intake for a non PI motor and put on the Ford Racing Performance Intake manifold. It was actually used and off of a 2002 Grand Marquis but same crap right. I now have a misfire. Yesterday she ran like a top! Now...
  8. L

    Engine Help With Re-manufactured Engine... Is This Head Ok?

    Hello, About a month ago I purchased an engine from Rock auto that was semi complete to replace one that had died. This engine is a 2002 4.6L for a GT. As you can clearly see in the photo the cam bearing saddle has a pretty huge crack. I have not ran it yet, and I am not sure I should. What are...
  9. PonyboyAdmire

    Engine 03 4.6l In A 98 Gt

    Hey all, I hope some one could help me in this problem that has acured. I have a 98gt and the motor went out. I also have a 4.6l out of a 2003. Will this bolt right into what I have? I would be using everything from the 98 that I can including transmission, wiring harness, everything. I have...
  10. E

    Gt And V6 Transmissions

    My friend has a 1996 Mustang GT that he wants to LS swap (he's a sinner) later this summer, and I want to do a V8 swap in my car which is a 1998 Mustang V6. He said he'd sell it to me for $850, but I was wondering if I also needed to buy his transmission from him or if the two cars use the same...
  11. thatrioredgt

    Progress Thread Help 1996 Mustang Gt Pi Bullit Swap

    Hey everyone my names Jack i just joined the forum hoping to get some help on an upcoming swap i’ll be doing in my 1996 Mustang Gt. If I have posted this in the wrong place i’m sorry in advance. I am looking to get a PI motor for my car because the non-PI motor in my car decided to blow a head...
  12. S

    Stiff Clutch Help

    Hello I recently put a new clutch kit, (clutch, bearings, and pressure plate) and flywheel, I also put in a new clutch form because it was broken in my 98gt and beforehand the clutch was SUPER stiff. After I swapped all of that it was like butter and over time it became super stiff again. Any tips??
  13. ConnorM37

    2000 Gt Engine Swap- In Progress

    Greetings everybody. Im new here and my mechanical experience is not very extensive. I have a nice 2000 gt that I love and it needs an engine swap. I feel like I know my car well enough though to work on it myself. I was close to selling it but I couldn't let a car like this slip out of my...
  14. I

    2001 Cobra A/c Drag

    I have an 01 Cobra, 81k miles. Mods are Offroad H pipe, flowmaster 40s, K&N intake and steeda springs. I feel a very noticeable difference in performance when I have the A/C turned on (usally for the GF). Ive heard 5-10 hp drain, but somtimes it feels more like 30hp. I mean it feels like I've...
  15. M

    02 Gt Won't Start After Motor And Transmission Swap

    Hey all, I did a motor and transmission swap in a 2002 GT automatic car. I installed a 2004 Cobra motor and T-56 transmission. I used the GT wiring and had a chip programmed and added it to the factory computer. I got everything wired up and the car wouldn't even turn over. I ran direct power...
  16. M

    Misfire Hesitation And Popping Sounds

    Hey, so I have a 2003 mustang gt and I seem to have problems with it starting up and running. So first off the car runs but it hesitates and misfires. So I'll have the car in 2nd gear and I'm cruising at say 2200rpm and then I floor it and it just starts to spit a chug and pop sometimes. Also it...
  17. Ethan Keirn

    I Need Advice!

    Hello! New here, I am a young enthusiast that is eager to learn about cars, I recently bought a 1998 GT with a 5 speed and the 4.6 V8, I am contemplating swapping in a 302 as their parts are cheaper and easier to obtain, from what I have been reading its prettt expensive/difficult to build a...
  18. Kris Bermingham

    4.6 Performance

    Hello I am new to this thread. I'm looking for alittle bit more performance out of my 2000 mustang. I already have a cold air intake, typhoon intake, undersized pully kit, coil packs, and a 75mm throttle body. Any recommendations on next upgrade. Should I start to upgrade my clutch?
  19. Pruittracing

    Help 4.6 Engine Tick

    Hello I'm new here first post now about my problem I have a 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 it has 144.000 I'm having a tick coming from the engine it's a constant tick that gose with the rpms it dose it anytime the engine is on need help don't know if this helps but it dose burn a little oil and...
  20. M

    5.0 Stroker How To Verify?

    So here's the deal: my engine blew and I stumbled across a really good deal for a stroked to 5.0 PI 2v 4.6. He has the oil pan off it and I was wondering how I could verify that it is indeed forged stroker internals. He was going to build it into a monster but instead went with the respectable...