1. M

    Odd Rattle Noise Under Load

    So here's the deal I have a 96 gt with 87k, and I have this very bizarre rattling like noise that only shows up when the engine is warm and at 1900 up to about 3k (it may continue after this but its hard to tell as the car gets too loud to completely verify). It happens best with a load on the...
  2. M

    4.6 2v Ticking At Idle But Not All The Time

    I have a 4.6 2v that is ticking but not all the time.It started after I put stage 4 cams on my mustang I put new cam gears new timing chain kit,new lifters,valvle springs and retainers It started after the install so I went back and thought it was the alternator bearing so I replaced the...
  3. A

    (video Included) Timing Chain Tensioner, Is This Normal Or No?

    Setting the timing on an 04 gt, before taking off the chains I set to tdc and marked chain at cam mark and the 6:00 mark on the crank. My chains had no visible links to differentiate but after the chains came off the 2 marks lined up at opposite ends so I felt confident in that. I also marked...
  4. W

    Engine 98 Ticking Noise (comes And Goes)

    In my 98 GT, it makes a kind of a ticking noise, it kinda sounds like it comes from the rear of the valve cover, it gets loud then goes away and come back again, once the car has fully warmed up it stays away until its shut off and cools down a little bit. Could be a valve lash adjuster? Or what?
  5. S

    Saleen S281 Obd2/dlc No Communication Help!

    Sup guys. 1st post, don't hate. I finally had to take to actually asking the forums. First off this isn't the regular No comm issue. I've done as much research as I can and can't find anything to help. I went to smog at a local shop. Nearly nothing has changed since my last smog. I go in...
  6. NickSpill

    3.8 To 4.6 Swap. Is It Worth It?

    ive seen people do it but i dont know what all would have to go into it. Also would i have to use the 4.6 out of that year mustang or could i use the 4.6 out of another vehicle or another year with my T5 transmission. Thanks!
  7. M

    2003 Mustang Gt Starting Problem Cranks No Start First Try

    So my 2003 gt does not start on the first try but the 2nd try starts up within 2 seconds. I have a 78mm throttle body cold air intake.I cleaned the IAC and egr still nothing I checked the fuel pressure got around 30-40 psi. Changed fuel filter was really black and dirty. Not sure if fuel...
  8. A

    Block Pitting Photos, Is This An Issue?

    Swapping the head gasket and there's slight pitting on the block. I've cleaned it up a pretty decent amount but I'm not too sure if this will be an issue as far as sealing or not. I went around the surface with a straight edge and .006 & .003 feeler gauge (same tolerance for the heads) it all...
  9. R

    Speedo Over 150mph When Traveling At 50 Mph???

    So I bought this 97 gt coupe for 1300. I knew it would have some issues. Well I put a rebuilt transmission in it with new clutch and flywheel as well as new cable and quad. Mechanic says someone cut the wires for the vss so I got a replacement for him and he installed it.(the speedo didn't work...
  10. A

    Engine Opinions On Head Gasket Job Please!

    2004 4.6 and the head gasket took a :poo:, the heads are off and going to the shop but I'm contemplating removing the rest of the block from the car for reassembly and possibly sending that to the shop also. After looking at everything there doesn't seem to be any damage to the heads/block or...
  11. M

    Best Cam For My Set Up?

    I know this has been beat to death in the past but it's now 2016, companies have come an gone an a lot has changed since the old threads on this. I'm looking for the best cam for my PI swapped 96 Gt. I have a PI intake, LTs, X pipe, cat delete, throttle body & plenum, and full CAI system. I'm...
  12. M

    Expired Chicago, Il | 40th Anniversary | 2004 Gt Convertible | Lots Of Upgrades

    The time has come to part ways with my baby. Selling my 40th Anniversary '04 GT Convertible, 82k miles, stored every winter, and lots of performance & cosmetic upgrades. Standard Features: 4.6L V8 Competition Orange Exterior Black Leather Interior Black Convertible Top 5 Speed Manual...
  13. A

    Need Help With 2000 Gt Saleen Supercharged

    Hey everyone im new to this page. I have a saleen supercharger that i want to put in my 00 gt but i want to know if i have to change my wiring harness. I have the whole set up and saleen ecu too.
  14. T

    Drivetrain Stiff Clutch Problem

    I bought an 02 mustang gt with a really stiff clutch. 1st I changed the clutch cable to a brand new sr performance one and that didn't do anything. I changed the clutch and flywheel to a brand new stage 2 clutch and lubed everything up thinking that'd do it but nope no luck. I have no idea what...
  15. T

    Bizarre Overheating Issue Help

    Hello everyone, new to the forums, but a long time owner of an 04 Mustang GT. Car has done great since i bought it with 50k miles on it. I just recently popped over 100k miles on her, and seems to be running into issue after issue. First I will say that after a little bit of investigation it...
  16. Amber Midkiff

    2001 Mustang Gt Fuel Problem?

    Today at a red light, I noticed my car had a rough idle and sounded different than normal. I hit the gas when the light turned green and it started missing and sucking down way more fuel than usual. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter like 2 months ago, and I also replaced the EGR...
  17. T

    Expired 2003 Ford Mustang Svt Cobra

    A true factory supercharged 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Supercharged 4.6L Cobra engine with a 6 speed T-56 manual transmission. Charcoal exterior and Two-Tone Cobra Leather interior. With only 40,xxx original miles It has always been garage kept. The car is all stock besides a cold air...
  18. M

    Max Rpm For Stock 4.6 3v?

    sold a 2005 Mustang GT to a friend with 65K miles. I told him the torque curve of the engine goes down past the stock rev limiter but he still went ahead and changed the neutral rev limit to 7300 RPMs and drive rev limit to 7375 RPMs with the SCT tunner I sold with it. It's not my problem...
  19. FiveOhSwap98

    Planning On Doing A 4.6, Or 5.0 Swap! Need Tips :)

    Hey y'all! I'm new to this forum, so bare with me. I recently bought a 98' Mustang V6, and it's head gasket blew. I was driving around the block, and the temperature gauge went to the red line. When I got home to my backyard, I popped the hood and there was a bunch of coolant that had been...