1. Cobra Ford 3093.jpg

    Cobra Ford 3093.jpg

    Genuine Ford Cobra T-Pan oil pan
  2. M

    What's it Worth? Webers & manifolds - Weslake Gurney

    Heres some stuff my friend who passed away had in his storage - he was a life long Ford / Mustang owner. Need ID and price value info so I can sell these for his wife/widow.
  3. Weber .jpg

    Weber .jpg

  4. L

    5.0 to GT40 upgrade. Which MAF, plugs and coil? Using A9L and 19lb injectors

    My engine idles rich, yet the plugs show lean. I’ve been reading extensively no one article seems to cover everything. Here is what I think I know. - 1989 5.0 motor. - Used GT40 intake and heads from an explorer. - The heads are ported. Upgraded springs and a mild cam for torque. - The MAF...
  5. F

    Engine GT5.0 Intake vs. Edelbrock Performer RPM

    Hi together, I am new to this great place. I am from Germany and driving a 86GT and 69Mach1. Currently I am thinking about changing from the original EFI intake to an Edelbrock Performer RPM. But I am not quite sure what the result will be. My setup: - Stock cam - GT40 heads - Stock intake -...
  6. 1

    Engine Help with cylinder heads

    So, I am acquiring some GT40 heads from a buddy of mine. They have port work, bowl work, o-rings, decked .060 and have the correction cut on the intake side. I'm looking to see if I just use a standard 9333pt1 head gasket with o-ringed heads and if having GT40 heads milled .060 will I run into...
  7. K

    For Sale GT-40 Tubular manifold $700

    Gt40 Tubular manifold port matched upper and lower manifold. Lower manifold extrude honed, factory throttle body bend straightened with spacer included 713-291-3377 location Houston tx
  8. 9

    Expired Gt40 Upper And Lower Intake

    GT40 Upper and lower intake manifold with new thermostat housing and intake spacer. Asking $700. Located in Nolanville, TX.
  9. S

    Porting E7 Heads And Intake Or Gt40 Swap?

    Porting factory e7 heads and intake or do a gt40 explorer swap? I have a 93 gt 5 speed only upgrades are Mac long tubes, high flow cats, flow master cat back, bbk cold air, msd coil and box, cobra clutch, ac delete kit and various suspensiom work done. Not looking to spend money on a new top end...
  10. Chris Lennon

    Weird Noise While Ing Head Scratcher

    Hey guys again... I've done my research and I came up with nothing so I need the stang family to help me out with this.. I have a 1994 mustang gt 5- speed it's has a completely re done suspension from front to back you name it i did it (now I was being lazy and didn't put the pinion snubber on...
  11. Chris Lennon

    96 Explorer Block Swap

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 96 explorer engine with gt40 heads and intake. I understand it's the swap block at the current engine in my car (94 gt). My plan is to duly rebuild it and swap it into my stang as she's approaching her last leg. Can anyone give me information on what all is...
  12. T

    Push Rod Length For Ford Performance Cylinder Heads M-6049-x307 (gt40)

    has ANYONE bought and put this -->Ford Performance Cylinder Heads M-6049-X307 cylinder head in a 1994 ford mustang non milled block and head from summit racing? if so what was your push rod length i know i should measure it but before i waste my time i was wondering if anyone has done this...
  13. utemachine

    Gt40 Intakes On Ebay

    I am looking for a GT40 upper and lower intake and there are several on eBay. What should I be looking for? Is there a specific year? So many options, I need a little guidance.
  14. Chris Lennon

    Gt40 Intake Trouble

    hi my name is Christophe. Ahead of time I want to say I've already done countless hours of searching I'm crapped out. My problem is after swaping the stock 5.0 intake manifold to the later model gt40 my car will not start, it gives a bloop sound initially but after that it's all starter (CAR WAS...
  15. A

    X303 Cam

    ok I have a 90 5.0, I alleady put 3.90 gears,, gt40/ford exployer heads and intake along with comp double valve springs,i looking to put a new cam in,,since this is a minor build is the xcam to much? any recommened cams would be helpfull