1. T

    Fox Strut tower issue

    Hello, I’m curious what you guys think should be done. Cut up strut tower, what’s the next move? Easy weld or new assembly?
  2. Nick Bos

    Really Negative camber Shelby Drop on 70 mustang

    I think I got my ride height the way I want but after the shelby drop Im experiencing very negative camber. I have a 302 and did the shelby drop with a template, replaced the springs with 1" lower springs and new kyb shocks. I am currently reading around -1 degrees of negative camber on the...
  3. D

    Fox Does this sound like a bad cv axle/joint?

    I was driving and I noticed I heard a loud popping noise coming from the front driver’s side area of my car and it’s been getting worse ,louder, more frequent over the past few days, when I was reversing out my driveway and turning it would make a loud grinding noise. It does it while going...
  4. D

    Need help with suspension, wheel + tire size, 91 Fox SN95 5 Lug

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a SN95 5 lug conversion kit with 94-95 spindles, Cobra front and rear brakes, and fox length axels. I plan on lowering the car around 1 inch, and wanted to ask some questions regarding ride height and suspension setups, I am thinking of buying adjustable...
  5. 92fox50

    Lower torque box replacement or reinforcement?

    Hi all, I currently have my fox apart and I am putting the original engine back in with turbos, better pistons rods cam and such. I was taking a look at my lower torque boxes and noticed that they are in rough shape. There is cracking on both sides and the overall shape is very distored. (...
  6. C

    Rear suspension bushings for '91 GT

    My '91 mustang GT convertible has been sitting for about 10 years and now my son has taken an interest in it. He pulled out the rear control arms after finding that the suspension bushings have all either melted or disintegrated. We are looking for new suspension bushings (urethane is fine) but...
  7. impropernick

    MM Road and track lowering springs not lowering?

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a crap ton of suspension work and an engine swap to my 82 4cyl so the car isn't street worthy right now, but I just put in my rear maximum motorsports road and track lowering springs with J&M height adjustable lower control arms and it definitely doesn't look like it...
  8. M

    SN95 suspension

    I just bought an '87 lx and it's pretty beat i was wondering what all it takes to put an sn95 suspension setup in it, is it worth it? I've heard it can give you a wider track width, if so, how much wider? and how available are parts? im looking to upgrade to a 3.55 diff ratio, can anyone help me?
  9. opihinalu

    Where do I find rubber control arm bushings??

    I've been looking everywhere and I can't find a set of rubber control arm bushings? All I can find is polyurethane...? I got MM's heavy duty rear lower control arms with one urethane and one spherical bushing but I want to put rubber bushings everywhere else to make it a more comfortable ride...
  10. opihinalu

    Bilsteins for an 86 GT?

    I'm looking for parts to do a full suspension rebuild and I've seen a lot of posts praising Bilsteins for having very good quality, however they only advertise them for 1987-1993 mustangs. Do these not fit on an 1986? Did the suspension change from 1986 to 1987?
  11. opihinalu

    Suspension rebuild parts recommendations for a street car?

    I am planning on doing a rear and front suspension rebuild on my 1986 GT. The suspension is SUPER stiff, I mean going over speed bumps I have to pretty much come to a stop because any other speed would be uncomfortable. The rear squeaks and thumps quite a bit and I am pretty sure my upper...
  12. derek1993

    Suspension Steeda x2 ball joints

    Benefit to the Steeda x2 ball joints? I have no use for the 1/2" drop they provide and will be installing a bumpsteer kit.
  13. derek1993

    Suspension 1993 Convertible LX Suspension upgrade - Torque Arm - Weekend Toy

    Been doing a lot of reading on the MM Tor.que Arm setup and trying to determine if it's worth it. 1993 LX 5.0, Vert, weekend toy. Looking at the MM TA package for the rear along with bilsteins (and from what i understand a new set of stiffer coils in the rear will be needed). Or would the HD...
  14. L

    Suspension MM panhard with TC rearend

    Hey all, just have a quick question I couldn’t find an answer to, hoping y’all can help. I have a 90 GT with a turbo coupe rearend that’s lowered maybe an inch. My question is, does anybody know if a maximum Motorsport panhard bar kit will bolt up as it should/would with the stock mustang...
  15. C

    QA1 Coilovers and Suspension Components

    Just wondering if anyone has used QA1 equipment on their Mustang? I don’t see much recent comment about them for the New Edge cars in the forums. I have heard of people using the QA1 K-Member and other brands of parts. QA1 seams to a little more affordable than the other more ‘well-known‘...
  16. M

    Suspension Suspension upgrades, which ones?

    I'm trying to turn my poor old '94 V6 convertible into more of a driver's car. As of right now, I have lowering springs, shocks/struts, sway bars, subframe connectors, and caster camber plates. I am a college kid so I can't claim to have much experience so my question is there anything I'm...

    Fox What coilovers are you running on your street/drag mustang?

    In the process of looking for coilovers and was wondering what everyone was running on a street car that will see a race once in a while? I was looking at the MM coilovers with koni yellow but damn 1800! I mean if they ride well and can get you to hook at the strip you got to pay for what you...
  18. C

    Engine Mount Bolt

    I have an AJE k member with AJE Motor Mounts for Coyote. Does anyone know what bolt to use for motor mounts to k member mine did not come with any in the kit.
  19. B

    Suspension Must haves?

    Ok I’ve read a lot of threads about “must” have upgrades to our suspension and I want to know is it really true. I did a ported/polished pi head swap, intake, headers, new shocks, struts, quad shocks. I drive spiritedly but don’t go to the strip. I put down 282 HP and 302 foot pounds on the...
  20. A

    Ride height Measurements/SVE coilover spacer

    Hi everyone! I have a 2004 GT and have a couple questions regarding my suspension. Long story short, my front suspension was shot. I was going to order a set of lowering springs along with all the other odds and ends to redo my suspension, but instead a buddy of mine gave me a set of SVE...