1. M

    Suspension Suspension upgrades, which ones?

    I'm trying to turn my poor old '94 V6 convertible into more of a driver's car. As of right now, I have lowering springs, shocks/struts, sway bars, subframe connectors, and caster camber plates. I am a college kid so I can't claim to have much experience so my question is there anything I'm...

    Fox What coilovers are you running on your street/drag mustang?

    In the process of looking for coilovers and was wondering what everyone was running on a street car that will see a race once in a while? I was looking at the MM coilovers with koni yellow but damn 1800! I mean if they ride well and can get you to hook at the strip you got to pay for what you...
  3. C

    Engine Mount Bolt

    I have an AJE k member with AJE Motor Mounts for Coyote. Does anyone know what bolt to use for motor mounts to k member mine did not come with any in the kit.
  4. B

    Suspension Must haves?

    Ok I’ve read a lot of threads about “must” have upgrades to our suspension and I want to know is it really true. I did a ported/polished pi head swap, intake, headers, new shocks, struts, quad shocks. I drive spiritedly but don’t go to the strip. I put down 282 HP and 302 foot pounds on the...
  5. A

    Ride height Measurements/SVE coilover spacer

    Hi everyone! I have a 2004 GT and have a couple questions regarding my suspension. Long story short, my front suspension was shot. I was going to order a set of lowering springs along with all the other odds and ends to redo my suspension, but instead a buddy of mine gave me a set of SVE...
  6. F

    For Sale New Lakewood Traction Bars, Universal

    -A- One (1) New pair traction bars in the box Part# 20470 Chrome finish. -B- One (1) New pair traction bars no box Part# 20475 Yellow finish. Fitment: -A- or -B- fits most vehicles equipped with leaf springs. Size: Width 1.5" x Height 4" x Length 28" Construction: High strength rectangular...
  7. G

    Sn95 coilovers

    So I just ordered a set of cheap coilovers for my mustang. They’re the maxpeeding rods which are known to be the cheapest coilovers on the market. I was wondering if I would be able to fit a nicer set of lowering springs onto these struts to make a half decent suspension and decrease the...
  8. CHILL347

    Suspension Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks?

    Hey everyone. A good deal has come up on a brand new set of Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks that were only installed for mock up. Thinking about picking them up. All I have right now is cheap Monroe shocks. I drive on the street mostly but the odd time throw my slicks on and go beat on it...
  9. J


    Im looking to upgrade my suspension and i wanna do it once and done and still have room for upgrades in the future but i wanna get good stuff and not buy 2 or 3 coil over kits buying all junk till i can get maximum motorsports coils So im looking for anyone selling their M&M coil kits. If your...
  10. R

    Right rear clunk when hitting bumps

    I know there are multiple other threads talking about noise in the rear but none match my specific issue. So I decided to make a new thread. I’ve got a 2017 gt performance package with just over 20k on the clock. When I go over bumps, speed bump, pot hole, plate in road, the car makes a clunk...
  11. B

    Bags & Drag Radials

    Hey, I’m thinking about going with Bag Suspension because you have the option to adjust your ride height & individually adjust all four bags -easy- but I also want drag radials and understand I’ll have to relocate the sway bar for the rear. Has anyone ran drag radials with bag suspension? If...
  12. T

    Best bang for the buck coil over kit

    Hey All! Just picked up another toy, 2011 modded GT. Has plenty of power and I’m a huge fan of twistys so I’m looking for the best suspension set up for daily driving/HPDE events. Was going to go with the Eibach Pro Package i previously had on my 2012 years back but am now leaning towards going...
  13. D

    Need suspension advice on 2004 GT

    I am looking for any and all advice in regards to my ‘04 GT suspension. I am going to upgrade my suspension because my drivers side strut is going out and just want to do it all at once. I am trying to upgrade my suspension (I.e. less body roll, better handling) without sacrificing ride quality...
  14. B

    65 coupe coil spring advice needed

    hey all, kind of new here. i just installed new global west competition s-24 coils springs in the front. they are supposed to lower the car by 1inch. i have the car jacked up right now and the springs are in place, however the springs are loose..... i have 3/8 insulators on them and it still...
  15. Hudson N

    Fox Clicking/ticking sound coming from the front suspension

    Hey, I have a 91 gt and I keep hearing a clicking sound coming from the front suspension, it's not terribly loud and It seems to make randomly or in corners and acceleration. Anybody know what that Is?
  16. 868

    SOLD SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93

    SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93 Installed last summer and have less than 500 miles. They are in like new condition with no defects and normal installation marks. Only selling because I want a different ride than coilovers can provide. *NOTE: You will need caster camber plates with spacers to...
  17. D

    Brakes 98 V6 with upgraded rear tubular LCA looking for spot to secure e-brake line

    Hey guys, Weird question. I upgraded suspension in the rear to tubular arms. Price was right and they came with new bushings which I needed very very bad. Anyways, the bracket for my e-brake line has no where good to attach, and I'm wondering if you guys had any ideas? Can I cut the bracket...
  18. E

    Suspension 2006 GT Guidance please, retightening rear suspension

    Good Day Everyone, I am in need of some guidance. Aren't we all? I would appreciate some direction as to not make this issue worse and possibly correct it. Long story short, I had shop put in UCA, LCA's and panhard bar. All non-adjustable BMR. And after about a month, when I braked hard I...
  19. K

    Torque Specs S550 Mustang

    Does anybody know where I can find full access to the torque specs for the S550 Mustang, thank you!!
  20. RaggedGT

    SN95 Steering And Suspension

    Another random thought/realization thread from me :) ‘95 GT-currently awaiting a transmission rebuild (long story-but in process.) Motor is coming out in a couple of weekends for a refresh. I got to thinking about all the squeaks and creaks the car made when it actually drove/and the power...