02 gt or 88 5.0


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Mar 4, 2010
I have a manual 02 GT with a cold air, throttle body, plenum, 3.73s, and a pro 5.0 shifter. I also have a 88 5.0 in a 89 4 cyl shell with an AOD, 3.73s, it has been freshened up along apr head and main studs, a fully built moser rear end with a fool spool. It is pretty stock other than ac and smog delete. I would like to know peoples opinions what is a better car to modify for a street/strip use.

I know I'm in the 4.6 section but don't be to one sided.

The AOD is shot, and the 3650 is lightly leaking and having normal 3650 grinds.
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That's a tough one, but if I had both, I would street/strip the 5.0 and DD the 02. To me, the newer ones ride better and have more creature comforts well suited for DD, whereas the older 5.0 Fox still has a huge aftermarket and upgrades available that are still less expensive than for the mod motors.
IMO the 5.0 by far. That was my first car. It was so much easier and cheaper to get horsepower for the 5.0 compared to this 4.6. The parts for upgrades are still cheaper (haven't looked lately) plus the installation of the parts is Way better on the 5. You have so much more space. The only advantages i would give to the 4.6 is suspension and its a nicer car. But with the 4.6 DOHC its a different story aside from the parts being Way more.

Go with the 5.0 IMO, and I drive a 4.6
update: im gonna have to get rid of the fox to pay for the expense of the tranny for the gt and just yesterday my local car wash bent my exhaust to ****. so much for keeping the fox. thanks for the opinions and quick replys
If its stricktly for street strip use, start going at your Fox body.

...if you plan on driving it daily, stick with the SN95.

Either one sounds like its in need of a little TLC....although be prepared at this point to spend a lot more on the Fox.