05 Wheels on a Fox


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Nov 16, 2004
On a fox 5 lug conversion. Will the 16 inch 05 Mustang rims with stock 215-65-16s fit? The offset is 39mm. The oem 16 inch fox wheel is a 22mm offset, thats a difference of about 3/4 inch. Overall the wheel/tire will set approx 1/2 inch inboard, the overall track will be reduced approx 1.75 inches. The stock 225-55-16s are about 25 3/4 inches tall, the 215-35-16s are 27 inches tall.

Im asking because my cousin wants my 05 take-offs for his 92 Fox. My wheels/tires are in boxes in the attic, I dont want to lug one down if they have no chance of fitting. His car currently has stock springs, but he may lower it later.

This isnt what he wants to do long term, but Ive got the wheels, cant get jack for them, so may as well find a way to use them.

If anyone has this setup please post a pic.
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Jun 4, 2001
Houston, TX
They will set in a bit like you said, but if the height is really 27", then they would quite likely rub the inner fender on turns, especially if lowered. But then again, with the wider 92 fenders, he might be OK. I have no idea about the fitment on the hub, which could be an issue. Does he have SN95 fronts or the SVO/Mark VII rotors?

Just have him crawl up there and get one down, saving you the trouble!

Good luck!