1966 Mustang Coupe


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Oct 31, 2003
I just got one coupe a weeks ago, I been trying to find a Coupe with some Eleanor parts, like the apron or side exhaust or with paint. Thinking about doing something like that but want to see what it might look like or something like a Ronster but without convertable. Anyone have pics. Thanks sorry if sounds stupid
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oh, my bad. i havent seen anyone on this board with those kits for their 66. seems elinor kits just came out for them a couple months ago. on the webpage they have pics of a car they did with it. maybe in the talk section as someone to photoshop it a different color for u. they are very friendly and will definately help.
No pics, but The Ronster is great especially for cars that need to be redone anyway, especially for a car that has been rolled.. Get ready to lay out some serious money for the conversion. Same goes for Eleanor. If you don't have the money, forget it!
SuperDave said:
This stuff is NOT inexpensive to buy AND you'll want to paint it to match. Be realistic and make a budget then,, BE BE PREPARED TO double OR triple THAN AMOUNT.

Once again..SD is correct. Read the fine print. Those kits are not complete. You need little pieces here and there to make them complete. EXPECT the pieces to not line up. You will need someone to line them up and do fiberglass work...I hope you have a connection. Then you will need to prime and paint. You will also need the special exhaust to run out the side exits. You will need the additional 'lights' too...they run a few hundred dollars. Billet Grills?....even more. $10,000 for the EXTERIOR conversion would be a nominal estimate for cost. If you want a good paint job..expect more. Oh, do you want the replica GT40 wheels? They are only $1600+ shipping for the set :)

Good luck! :nice:
Prophecy007 said:
Here are some of the stuff I have in mind

Side: http://www.mustangdepot.com/OnLineCatalog/images/Fiberglass/e2-prog/FS-ELN2-SS.jpg $200 each = 400+

Apron: http://www.mustangsplus.com/Merchan...duct_Code=rbump_spoil&Category_Code=fib_apron $260+

Hood:MU-516E http://www.up22.com/mustang65.htm#MU-107 $300+

Paint: http://earlscheib.com/pearl.asp $600+

These are just some of the stuff I am looking at, I am not getting a full Eleanor stuff, just want something like it. I appreciate all your post.

Ok...I see two problems already. Im surprised GP0001 didnt pick up on this one. DO NOT get any parts from UP22. I have not heard ONE good thing about them. I ordered a scoop from them. It was fiberglass and gelcoated....you could see through it when you held it up to the light!!! Their fitment issues are terrible also. Plan on spending about $700-$1000 more to get one of their hoods to fit properly.

Secondly,...earlsheib...hehe. That makes me giggle just typing. I guess you could have this done...but dont expect a nice nice paint job that will last. Remember $600 does NOT include any body work or fitment of pieces. We have a place in town called sprayglo...or at least we use to. They had $99 paint jobs. Buddy of mine went in for the paint upgrade to $249. They talked him into all kinds of body work and he ended up paying $750...the literally painted over rust, painted his chrome exhaust tip black, and had overpsray all over his wheels. Remember, you get what you pay for. To quote SD: Good aint cheap and cheap aint good!

I have a 66 coupe with a gt350 hood, fiberglass spoiler decklid, side scoops, Rmodel front end with spoiler and no bumper. I have an upper and lower grill that look billet. Its different colors right now because it is going in for paint in about a month. Stick around and im sure you will see some pics!