1969 Mach 1 "Blackened"


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Sep 11, 2004
I just got my latest issue of Hot Rod Magazine (April 06) and they feature the '69 Mach 1 owned by Bud Brutsman. He is the producer of Overhaulin and although Chip Foose did not build the car he helped to design it. It was built by Year One, and many of the parts that were put on this car are being used to develop new parts for Year One to sell. You can go to www.yearone.com to see some photos of the car. I think it looks amazing and would send my car to them to build me one if I had the $$$.
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You know, I wanted to be blown away by the car, but I just wasn't. It certainly looks like a heckuva car, but it just somehow comes up a bit shy of being "all that". I do love a lot of the subtlety of the design and build, including the center console, side scoops, and front valence and spoiler. But other things like the upholstered door inserts and dash guage pods don't do a damn thing for the car. I mean, the dash pods don't have any real character or distinctiveness really, nor do the door panels. They're just ok...

One last thing... I like all black cars in general, but I think it may be hurting this car a bit. Or maybe it was the photoshoot in Hot Rod... I'll wait to pass final judgement until we get some better pics available.
Ok, now I've seen a few more pics with better lighting... it's confirmed. Like I said, I like black cars, but once everything is blacked out it becomes a bit cartoonish or cheap looking (like the owner couldn't afford proper chrome bumpers or moldings). In this case, it's neither of those, but it does lack any contrasting jewelry (chrome or aluminum accents) to accentuate any of the great lines of the body. I love a little jewelry on cars, but on '69-'70s, it's particularly important around the windows. I also like chrome bumpers and grille/hood molding. But hey, that's just MHO...
Personally, I liked the car, but to each his own. Anyway, in that same issue there is a feature on the 'Cuda on the cover. It was built by a local shop, and they brought some stuff over to the machine shop I work at. I built the crank pulley, milled the shifter out for that button you see in the interior pic, built the header flanges and turned a ton of spacers for it. My wife thinks I'm nuts but I looked at those pics of my parts for about an hour last nite!
Obviously lots of hard work but not my taste at all; and why do the wheels set so far inside the wheelwells....fat man on roller skates look IMO.

I'd have personally used a Boss hoodscoop and dropped a blown Cleveland in there or even a 429...to each his own.
I saw it at sema last year. I liked it but I wasn't blown away. My pic isn't much better for the lighting.


I'm one that likes to see modern approaches to these cars but it has to be done right or it looks either rice or cheap.

Take my word, black doesn't show up well on camera, it's much different in person.


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69boss429 said:
Un fortunatly,there are to many people out ther that download pictures and call them there own ! Go to the bottom of the page and click on old pics!

Yeah there is a website selling IC's with a picture of my old car on it. Sad thing is, under the caption it says a single turbo kit. My car clearly has twins in the picture and not a single. I was pissed but couldn't get ahold of the guys. I recently sold the car so I don't have a horse in that race anymore but it still pisses me off that they are advertising another company's IC and calling it their own.
Short backstory

The short version is that I bought the Boss new in 1969,logged 14,000 miles on it (a good many of them in 1/4 mi increments) then parked it for about 30 years.Spent the last couple getting it back in shape and adding some unique features as well as 600hp.It was fast when it was new,but no comparison to what it is now! :nice: