1991 Ford Mustang LX - Sputtering


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Mar 18, 2021
Hi All,

Reaching out to the Fox community for some assistance. The car started sputtering after I hit 2000RPMS. The more I punch it the more it does it but eventually it stops doing it

Engine is complete stock w/92.5k miles on it

New items -

1. MAP Sensor
2. Spark plugs and wires
3. fuel pump 255lph
4. new fuel tank
5. New fuel sending unit
6. TPS
7. EGR value
8. new air filter
9. Fuel regular
10. EGR value position sensor
11. Vacuum lines have been replaced and no leaks.
12. Distributor cap and rotor replaced
13. Ignition coil is new

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Sounds like a bad TFI module. The one on the side of the distributor. Rockauto has Motorcraft ones sometimes. I'd recommend going with a Motorcraft one but I've been using a standard motor products one for the last 7-8 years.
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Go through this checklist step by step:
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Yes. Motorcraft is the best. Even a used Motorcraft TFI from the JY is better than half the aftermarket ones.

It’s a sad state of affairs when we typically recommend someone go to a junkyard and find an oem TFI on a car, vs using the junk that is sold today.
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