2,000 to spend! What should I do :)


15 Year Member
Jun 3, 2003
brewster ny
In a few months I will have about 2,000 to spend on my baby :) I want the car to be pretty and fast. Im not sure which I want to do first? I am undecided between doing a full saleen kit, or a nice nitrous kit with tune???? I will def do both during time , but which should I do first??? Want some opinions? My current mods are, h&r springs, tokico blues, mac cat back with off road H, k and n drop in, tri ax.
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Saleen kit as in supercharger? Cause all that other stuff won't make you much faster that they have...I'd say do some gears and swap out your stock midpipe. You'll def notice I nice kick in the pants with both of those and they're relatively cheap to do.
Well, I don't exactly agree with putting a Saleen kit on a non-Saleen car but to each his own. If it were me, I'd add some LTs, spray w/ tune (100 to maybe 150 shot), Mach-1 chin spoiler, then spend the rest on detailing products.