2002 Mustang GT no fire no fuel


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Jul 11, 2018
Dade city fl
I have a 2002 mustang GT. I am currently on my second 5.4. While switching motors i lost my keys. Had a locksmith come out and make me a new key with a chip. Motor is all hooked up , no fuses are blown, pats light comes on then off. Checked all fuses. They're good. I need help. Ive got no fire no fuel. Car does turn over but will not crank.
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Did you remember to install the motor grounding strap between the left hand motor mount and the car's frame rail?

Can you "talk" to the PCM using an ODB2 scanner?

Do you hear the fuel pump priming for a few seconds at initial key on?

Does the check engine light go off during cranking?

Is there key on +12 volts at each COP? At each fuel injector?

Confirm key on power into and out of fuse F2.34, F2.2 and F2.8. Use a known good ground. Don't just "look" at the fuse but actually test for power. Best to use a test light that will "load" the circuit. What to do next depends upon the test results.

Short version:
IF no power in fuse F2.34 THEN suspect a problem with the ignition switch
IF no power in fuse F2.2 and F2.8, THEN suspect a problem with the CCRM or CCRM ground.

1999-2004 BJB CJB fuse panel layout:

1996+ Crank with no start check list
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