2005 to 2010 steering wheel swap - guides?


New Member
Jan 20, 2022
Hey guys, I've got a 2008 V6 and I just bought a 2014's steering wheel and a SWI-CP2 steering wheel control module to retrofit it my car. I've looked all over and have found 3 really good guides, but they all vary slightly and none of them specifically have the SWI-CP2.

~ Good case scenario: What wires do I connect from the SWI-CP2 to the wires routed through the clock spring? (there appear to be 3 available wires coming from the steering wheel harness (blue, purple, yellow). I just need to know where to connect each of them

~ Best case scenario: Does anyone know of a comprehensive, clear guide on swapping out these steering wheels while retaining functionality?

Thank you so much, cheers!
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