24lber's from 03 mach 1


New Member
Apr 20, 2004
will a set of 24's from an 03 mach 1 work in my 89 5.0? I have a buddy who just put a blower on his mach and upgraded the injectors, he offered them to me for helping him with the install.

sorry for such a general question...... :bang:
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I was just curious because they don't look like the injectors in my car now, rather they are thinner plastic ones, like LS1's injectors.

yea I definately don't need them yet but I will put em aside for when I start the h/c/i swap....thanks for the quick response! :nice:
They will work if the connector is right. There are two styles - "Rectangular" (ours) and "Oval" (Newer Cobra style). For example, the Explorer 19# and the Navigator 24# injectors have the correct connector but the Cobras do not. The newer Bosch Design III "disc" style injectors all have plastic bodies with the color in the entire body as opposed to our stock Bosch Design II "pintel" style injectors that have only the tops colored.