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Mar 15, 2006
help help help
i am wanting to put a new engine in my 1967 project but i am being pulled everywhere with engines
ok i wanted a 390 but now i don't know i am just thinking that a 289 hipo would be good but i want a engine with power

thank you for the help
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Oct 5, 2002
Thats a very very tough question to answer. You can go with anything from a 289-302-up to a 351 based motor. For me, in my 65, I'm thinking of going with a 302, stroked out to a 331. Since my car came with a 289, and the 302 is dimensionally the same as a 289, and most of the major components swap over fine. (heads, headers, intake manifolds). Since you are starting with an inline 6, and no components from that will be swaping on to the new engine, you really do have a fresh start, as you need everything. Im sure some other owners here can tell you, but I dont know the engine bay sizes for 67's. For instance a 351 will fit in my bay, however it is a tight fit and special swap headers are needed. A 302 based motor fits in just like a 289. If you can fit in a 351, then I would go with that route (winsor 351). Its more cubes, and you can punch it out to an even bigger in the future when you have to rebuild. Also, higher hp levels can be met with a 351 combo with less stress on engine components then out of a 289 or 302 based motor. Its cliche', but there is no replacement for displacement. (except for nitrous and blowers.)


Apr 16, 2004
Hmmm Thats a tough one. My setup is a 65 coupe, and I run a 351w in it. I used the headmans headers 1 3/4 mids, and everything fit just fine. Not really tight at all. See my sig for my specs.

I guess since this is a I6 you need the whole build-up. So I would research what engines came with the 67, what could go into the 67, and then decide what it is you truly want to do with the car. Daily driver ? Strip car ? Street/strip/cruise car ? Just like bullitstang said, a bigger ci engine will get you the power you want so much more easier than a smaller ci.

In truth, I would go with a 351, bore it, then stroke it to what you want. Not a bad way to go at all.
From your comments, you sound kind of new to the hobby, if I'm mistaken forgive the assumption. Here are some thoughts:
A 390, while the factory big-block option, is heavy, inefficient, and difficult to find parts for compared to the 302/351W.
A 302 and a 289 are basically the same engine, with the 302 getting the extra displacement through stroke. Newer 302 (aks. 5.0) are also the same, but some of the ancillary stuff changed (flywheels, accessory drives, oil pans, etc.).
A 351W is still a small block but a little taller than the 289/302. Since the '67 is a bit larger than the earlier cars and came with a big block option, the engine should fit but since it was not a factory option, you COULD have to look a little harder for mounts, headers, brackets, stuff like that. It depends upon what your car has.
A 289 HiPo is a rare animal, and in my opinion should be used mainly in the cars that originally had them for that reason. IF you can find one, it would cost you about double what a fire-breathing crate motor would, and you're still only getting 271 HP at relatively high RPM. A solidly built, reliable engine based on a 302 or 351 (you can stroke those all the way up to 427 ci if you're so inclined) will net you more usable power lower in the RPM band.
Good luck and heed the advice of other posters. Consider what your intentions are with the car and go from there. You are correct in that upgrading from the I6 will involve a lot of parts, so do it safely with brakes, suspension, axles, and steering components that can handle the extra power.

danny clemens

May 4, 2005
The 351 W gets my vote. I'm working on one right now for my 66 FB. The 351 would fit in a 67 and have room to spare. Most parts it takes to put a 289 or 302 in will be the same parts to put the 351 in. The 351 weighs quite a bit less than a 390 and has more hp and torque than the smaller engines and doesn't weigh much more than they do. If you want to make bigger displacement, parts are easy to find for that too. There are a lot of aftermarket parts for the 351 W too. Good luck.


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Sep 9, 2000
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67CoupeDriva said:
A 390, while the factory big-block option, is heavy, inefficient, and difficult to find parts for compared to the 302/351W.

Thats like saying Ford stuff is hard to find compared to Chevy; both are common, just one more than the other. Well, maybe not to the same degree...

I wouldn't rule an FE out as a viable option. However, for the beginner a 302 will be a handful as it is without having to track down FE-specific parts(and knowledge). Thats why I would recommend a 289/302 in this instance.

If I can ever afford it, I might get a Genesis 427 to replace my 302. They weigh about the same :D.


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May 15, 2005
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Cannoball888 said:
In regard to a 351W in a '65. Does anyone know if it it can be done while still keeping original P/S and A/C?

About 2/3 of the way down this page are the power steering pump and alternator adapters you would need:
http://www.wildhorses4x4.com/17.asp . Only $14 each.

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the AC mount to the head? If so, perhaps all you would need is a longer bolt.