300 hp

depends on the set-up,... now when you rip all the factory stuff out and replace it with a AFM NA Power Pipe 80MM pro-m mass air and the ever so popular K&N filter that's when it makes a difference. LOL

Yes, I would prolly agree to that.. But I haven't seen any data on it although there prolly is some somewhere.

I know my mac cai didn't do SQUAT one at the track or on the road. A slight difference when it was cold out ..like 2.3 rwhp ..maybe. For $90 it was a waste.
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i thought my stock motor felt like it reved quicker with a cai:shrug:

and dont get discouraged if you dyno 294 and someone else does 304 and tells you somethin is wrong,

diff day,gas,dyno,location etc..

dont forget the good tourqe down low some of us crave
have fun:flag: