300 rwhp possible on 02?

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All bolt ons and cams with a little weight reduction will get you 300 or more.I dynoed at 297 with my old block and then she went kabang so hopefully I can make more than that this time with my new block.
There are 3 ways:

1: Forced Induction

2: Full bolt-ons and cams

3. NOS

Easiest way would be the giggle gas, but Im not a big fan of it (the not having it all the time, just me). If I had a dedicated strip car then maybe.

Forced Induction (mostly supercharged on stock bottom end 2Vs) will get you over 300 easy. I'd recommend looking at the Mongoose kits offered by MPH

Full-bolt ons and cams can be a long, expensive process (as is most of the modding game) unless you're loaded, in which case why not just go FI? CAMS, Full Intake, Exhaust (including Longtube headers) U/D pullies, a dyno tune (needed with cams) and you'll be close (am I missing anything?). It will depend on what cams you get.

If you stay N/A, let me be the first to say 4.10s, no less! *waits for the 3.73 guys to e-rape me* (yeah Im talking about you hot331 :D )
Yeah put on a blower and you'll be makin that right away.

If you want to do the N/A route, it can be done but requires full exhuast with Long tube headers, probably stage 2 cams, larger throttle body and plenum and maybe some ported heads and finally a good tune.
yea 4v and 3v definately owns 2v. But it is definately possible on the 2v just takes a little extra money and know how.

300hp on the 2v would probably consist of:

1) aftermarket cams
2) aftermarket heads
3) Full boltons including: full exhaust (offroad h or x pipe), tb and plenum, kn air filter, long tube headers and a good tune
Well I guess Ill chime in.

I have NO intake mods.. not even so much as a CAI(yet). I have ported heads and stage 2 cams and full exhaust. My dyno wasnt what I was hoping for,.. but with the stock airbox I guess 290 to the wheels through 4.10's isnt that shabby. looking at my dyno there is a fuel managment problem or the PCM is pulling timing. we didnt have time to get into it and it isnt my daily driver so it wasnt a huge issue. I will send the car back to him when I leave to go to vegas for a week on april 12th and he'll spend some time finding the gremlin. that should help me get close to the 300 mark, and then I am hoping with the TB/Plenum and cold air I can get it close to 315. I am actually happy considering that with only 290 and a tuning problem I still managed a 13.0 in a vert with crappy 60' times spinning hard. the dyno is just a tool after all and the track is where the truth lies. anyway here is my dyno.. any input on the surging issue?


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On a side note.. after this is finished and we get the bugs ironed out.. I will be headed towards my power adder and out of the N/A club. I am going to pull the engine back out, put in some blower cams, 28cc pistons and Kenne Bell the crap out of it :D
I think a good tune will push me over the 300 club, I will probably purchase the car this week and i give it a month and should have everything in line to install.

thanks for everyones input
I am shouting for 300 hp....
My mods
L/T headers
O/R H pipe
Flowmaster mufflers(I am gonna take this out searching for free flowes mufflers am not sure which once yet.....any suggestions is welcome..)
VT stage II cams with valve springs upgrade
75 mm throttle body & plenum(still searching for this product)
373 gears
dyno tune by ALTERNATIVE auto by Lidio.
I hope gonna see 300........