351 Swap Hedman Hedders


Aug 10, 2003
Picked up these yesterday for my 65. I need engine mounts before i drop the motor in. btw, i threw away the stock motor mount brackets, so dont worry about those..LOL I have read that some people used "swap motor mounts"? Is this needed? Or can i just buy the TCP or Ron Morris mounts? Anyone That has first hand experience, please let me know.
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My 68 was a 200, and when I swapped I just used stock V8 mount brackets and new stock replacement V8 mounts.

My headers are Headman 351w swap headers, listed for a 351w swap in 65-68's. They fit fine in my 68, but I can't vouch for how they fit in a 65. They are tight in a couple of places, but they were very easy to install.