351 windsor heads identification


New Member
Apr 24, 2005
Just wondering if anyone can help id these heads. The seller is in another state, but says it has (0D20, OD8 351WF) on the castings?
I couldnt find anything on those numbers. Does it give a year in any of that.
I was told they came off a 70 or 71? Im hoping to use these on my 65' 289.
Any thoughts on these?

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I agree with those numbers

I e-mailed the guy seeing if he is missing some of the numbers when looking at the heads. They are alittle dirty, so maybe he isnt seeing it clear.
Thanks for the response.


P.S. Is there anyone else out there with a guess too? I would really like to have these if they are for sure 351W heads, and that they are a pre 74'.
Its tough to buy these things site unseen. Auction!
They sound like 70 castings. Those numbers are the casting dates located on the top of the head. The casting numbers are located on the underside of the head.What is the asking price on the heads? Are they stock, or have they had any work done to them?