4" Exhaust tips

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borla 4" tips hand down. whoever had the bullit with them.. he will change all your minds about 4"

i agree i love my borlas with the 4in tip. they do not look like monsters or folgers cans. i dont know if i have any pictures of my car with the tips but i do have a sound clip so you can see the tips in that.


well maybe that isnt the greatest picture lol you can barely make out the tips so ill see if i cant get ya a picture.

well i feel retarded cause i just noticed that people already posted pictures. maybe i should read the whole thread next time.
ShapeShifter your sis's car looks good. What all does she got done to it? I think I have made a good choice on the 4" tips.

exhaust mods would be about it, aswell as exterior mods, she just wants a cruiser to look good...but she is tossing around the idea of getting some 4.10s installed shortly!...thanks for the compliments!! :nice:
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