5.4 2v swapping

5.4 2v

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May 31, 2020
Hey everyone, new to the site. I’m on here getting ready for an engine swap. I’ve heard a lot of engine swaps that people have done to sn95 mustangs. I currently have a 5.4 block with trick flow 195cc heads, Lunati cam (most aggressive offered if I recall) Edelbrock Vic. Jr. intake, 90mm throttle body and 90mm mass airflow all at my disposal. should be one of the simpler swaps for a 4.6 2v correct? I know space is the biggest thing I’ll be fighting.
I have a couple of questions.
Fuel injectors are still needed is there a recommended size for this rough combo?
I know I’ll need a flywheel are there recommendations?
I should land around 11:1 compression as I have went forged pistons and rods, what horsepower and torque gains could I expect? Would anyone recommend a better direction for a street machine/ weekend warrior? Also note worthy not my daily driver.
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You are all over the place here. First off, the 5.4 is just a stroked 4.6 with a slightly wider bank angle. What is your piston dish? Rod length>

A stock block 5.4 with 195 heads will give you a 44cc chamber and roughly an 11.5cr. You need a COP conversion if your car is not a 99-04. You will have a lot of re-wiring to do as things are in different locations and farther apart.

Stock 2V Motorcraft will work