62 falcon with Fox guts build

Wow, I just found this site and had to read about the old Ford Falcons. Had a 1964 & 1965 Falcon with the 64 being made into a streetcar with a 427 cross bread 429 to give it a shorter stroke. The 65 model to me was the best looking ones and I get to see it ever now and again as a kid shows it at some car shows. I know what you are going though with the modes you are doing and my hat is off to you. Not a lot of room in the well for big engines without replacing and removing stuff. Your car is looking great and I hope you have a lot of fun in it.
Mind you our 64 Falcon would not let you drink coffee in it as it rocked a little too much for that. The funny part is or was you could steal parts from a Mustan and a few more cars that would fit on these cars. (I am trying to remember what years and other cars you could get parts from as a kid I robbed all of the junkyards cars) There are a few of these cars setting around here in people's yards, sheds, and cow fields going to waist. (I live in the panhandle of Florida)
Like others, I love the blue color of your car. Like I siad, my hats off to you and I hope you have fun.
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Merry Christmas to all. The Falcon runs and drives:). I'll get some pics up soon. I still have a laundry list of stuff that still needs doing, but I did take it for a test drive yesterday. Starts, idles, revs, drives, shifts, all good. No surprises.
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