65GT/66 dash cluster question (what numbers do they mean?)

Ok, on the 5 guage dash for 65GT/66, you have a oil presure guage and the temp guage, but no numbers. Short of putting your own mechanical test guages on their, how do you do how much oil pressure you have from the guage or what temp the car is running?

My example: oil pressure changes a bit during running, for the low side and the temp gauge never really seems to come up very far. Tossed on a mechanical oil gauge and it acts similarly to the one on the dash... but it never goes to 0, even when the car is off. Can I trust it? Or just subtract the off number from running numbers? It doesn't have any way to rezero is in the directions.

I think I may have answered my own question with mechanical test guages (but a better one then the super cheap autozone one my dad bought), but I was wondering if someone had a better solution.

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There wasn't much in terms of accuracy with the gauges when these cars were built. If the oil pressure gauge moves then you have oil pressure. THe temp gauge-worry if it starts going over half way-be concerned if it goes past 3/4. In fact, you can change the indication just by changing the sender. It's not anything terribly accurate. Like posted above, put some gauges in that are more accurate if you need to. This just how things are with these old cars.