72 Bumper on a '73?


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Jul 13, 2001
San Antonio, Tx.
Well I found a guy who has some parts laying around that I may be able to use to get the '73 back on track. He says he has a bumper from a '72. I was wondering if it would still fit because in my catalogs the front bumpers for sale stop at '72. Whats the difference?
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While I am no expert on the 71-73's, here is what I think I know...
The 71's and 72's could get either a chrome standard bumper or an optional urethane bumper. All 73's got the urethane bumper. The chrome bumpers are available new for about $130 to $160 depending on where you buy them. The urethanes are not available new to my knowledge. Without digging out the Mustang Recognition Guide that is what I think it is anyway....