8.8" in my '68


Mar 30, 2005
I picked up an 8.8" rearend the other day out of a '99 Ford Explorer from the U Pull It for $75.

My car right now has a 7.5" with a 2.47 open gear :tard:... So this should be a pretty good upgrade. As for what Ill have to do, is relocated the leafspring mounts (cut and weld), and possibly remove the other bracket (no clue what it is). Then Ill have to accumulate some disc breaks, make lines, and get a floor mounted parking brake handle (fox body) and make the lines from that to the new rearend. Ill also probably weld the axle tubes.

Well heres some pics of the junk.


ID Tag- 8.8" with factory 4.10s! 31 splines, etc etc


Removed the cover to drain it overnight. Driveshaft was cut in half... those bolts are gonna be a bitch.


The guts...

Ill have more to come later...


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I thought the explorers with 410's had an offset center section due to the 4wd... looks centered though :confused:

Its offset about 1.5" to the passenger side. Which from my understanding is normal, giving more room to the driver (trans tunnel), and weight distribution. Not sure if this is true on our year cars tho...? Oh well, it should be fine.
I thought the explorers with 410's had an offset center section due to the 4wd... looks centered though :confused:

All Explorers are offset, regardless of the ratio. The picture is making a sort of optical illusion and the rearend is upside down. The far side in the picture is the driver's side, which is the short side of the assmbly. You might try swapping to a smaller diameter (Mustang type) pinion flange. Tha'll reduce the chances of it hitting the underside of your car on bumps.
do A search on here someone has done it before I remember reading it they had to shorten then passenger side. I used the rear out of an early sn95 stang its the same width as the 67-68 cars. the later I think 99 and up rears are an inch and a half wider whihc might cause backspacing problems with some wheels. but I know definately that the rear will fit