89 F-250 not starting

Hey guys I know this is a mustang forum, but I need help pretty bad, my pick up died on me over the weekend, I need to know what to check out, I took off the ignition coil wire to the dizzy and not getting spark, got a new coil, same problem, what else should I check out, kinda new to this EFI stuff. I think the concept should be the same for the fox bodies and the pickup, thats why I'm asking here.
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jerry beach

Founding Member
May 20, 2002
He is talking about the TFI. Its the same thing and its located on the side of the dist. You will need a thin walled socket, or go buy a ford TFI wrench. Or take a grinder and make a thin walled socket. Take it off and have it tested at the auto parts store. Be sure to follow the instructions when installing a new one. It gets di-electric grease on the base of it before its bolted back on.