'90 lx with 5.0?


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Apr 9, 2008
Looking at buying a 90 lx foxbody as a project. Trying to decide if its worth the money.

Being an lx, will there be any suspension issues that will come? Since its already worn out is a gt suspension easy/cheap swap? Goal for the car is just a weekend cruisier/sleeper more or less.

Car needs headliner, has blue smoke on startup and low speeds, door handle, starter over heats b/c headers are too close, suspension is worn out, sun roof, leaks, driver seat is worn out. But, has a HO 5.0 with headers and 5 speed with diff gears in rear guy didn't know what. He known they were swapped out b/c gasket sealer was present and seedo is off by 25 mph.

Guy is asking 1k. Trying to decide if it would make a good project. Hoping to overhaul motor, toss in cam and add some heads and few other bolt ons. Depending on how that feels thinking maybe some nitrous.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks in advance! I'm new, go easy on me. Over the last year I've got into sport cars I've always been into 4x4's before. I sold my 99 trans am ls-1/6 speed b/c got sick of payments but miss it everyday. I've always been a ford man so would prefer to stick with whats been good to me.

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hey man im kinda new with the mustang stuff too, but hopefully i can give you some advice. some of the pro's on here might disagree but if you want a nice project try to find a 4cyl stang. i got mine for 400 bucks. it may seem like a lot that you have to change the entire drivetrain, but compared to this deal your talking about, your lookin at pullin everything apart anyways... the owner seems clueless, if he cant give you detailed things on whats been done i wouldnt touch it. at least you know that a 4cylinder hasnt been beaten to hell. I have seen 5.0's go for 300 and up, i suggest carb over fuel inj. but to each his own, you can get a trans for 200-300 bucks, a GT rear for 250 and up, and a K member im not sure i got one for 50 bucks, but i know a lot of mustang guys. see my project is a 2 year plan, im not trying to buy everything at once... instead of trying to do a half As s cheap job, i want it done right. my buddy just picked up a coupe no motor or trans or interior for 200 bucks. i know it sounds good cause the drivetrain is there and its ready to go, but just look out.... it could be one big headache.
if its a lx 5.0 sport (came with 5.0) then the suspesion is the same as its GT counterpart. if lx with 4cyl then just maybe shocks/springs, k-member and anti-sway bars. i dont know but i may be forgetting somthing, somone els may be able to tell you if i was. :)
Guys bought the car with 5.0 in. I believe he got it in a trade. The 5.0 is a HO motor. Motor holds 55 to 60 oil psi contantly. Interior is in pretty good shape for the year. Paint isn't an issue b/c I've been wanting to paint a car. With the hard work out of way all I got to do is pull motor and freshen it up and its good to go. I'm not looking for a total project. Just wanting to do some motor work. I'm looking to get around 350 hp range. I thought 1k obo was a nice price. The car is not local only seen in pics. Figured some header wrap would cure starter issue. Door handle and headliner don't need fixed anytime soon. Just give the car a tune up and look into smoke issue. He said motor makes no noise. No ticking, knocking, or anything of the sort. I'm trying to get it for 800. I've always been a ford fan. I' loved my t/a but you can't find then for 1k haha.
doesnt sound like a bad deal. Hopefully the blue smoke (burning oil) is just a head gasket rather than worn piston rings. Unless you are going to rebuild the block, i wouldnt put any nitrous on it.

If you want to know what gears it has, put the rear end on jack stands, mark the driveshaft, and see how many times the driveshaft goes around with one complete turn of the rear wheel. that number is the gear ratio. 3.55, 3.73, 4.12, etc.

If you want to fix the worn suspension, id recommend aftermarket springs and shocks over gt parts as they can be found for nearly the same price in some instances. Not the easiest job, but with the right tools anyone could do it.

If you wrap the header(s) with thermal wrap it probably wouldnt overheat the starter.

hope that helps, good luck.