93 Fox Best Mid Length Headers?


New Member
Dec 24, 2013
So I attempted to swap out an exhaust gasket on my d/s header this evening and discovered my stock headers are warped to hell, I'm just going to spend the coin and go with aftermarket headers.....I would like to run mid length headers because I want actual power gains but don't want to sacrifice ground clearance....haven't been able to find much info on mid lengths for our vehicles.
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LT can be a PITA to install. Sometimes you need to raise the engine, disconnect the steering shaft, and use the BFH. Know that some manufacturers make specific LT for T5 vs. AOD applications. You'll also need a shorty H or X pipe and possibly O2 extenders. I'd also invest in a starter heat shield or wrap and if you have an AOD a trans cooler.

Go for ceramic coated ones if you can afford them and either BBK or Hookers.