93 Foxbody Convertible LX


New Member
Aug 10, 2019
Hey! I'm so glad I found this forum! Here's our story: My son just bought his first car, a low-mileage 93 Mustang Foxbody LX, convertible. His dream car!) It's all stock and ready to make it his own. We already started the process to replace the drop top, since the fabric was heavily damaged. Since we both like to work on our own cars (meaning we're broke lol), I'll be looking for lots of tips/advice. Right now, my question is about the headlights. His friend helped him replace the headlights... They look beautiful! But now we need to adjust them. Everyone's telling us that all he needs is a Phillips and a "garage door", but I'm reading everywhere that a '93 needs a special adjustment tool. I found it online (Lisle# 14540), but when I try to order it on Amazon, it says that that particular part does NOT fit my car. Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks!!
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