Forced Induction 94 GT - Next BIG Mods?!?

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How’s it going everyone. New to the Forums, new to the push rod V8s. Been a car guy since i can remember and now im starting a new project. Recently picked up this guy right here. It’s a 94 GT and imvery happy with it so far, love how it sounds, its my favorite to be honest. My old 04 Mach 1 did not sound as nice.

94 GT 5.0
Scat drop-in kit, 9.7comp ratio, i-beams, 9000 crank
Comp Cams 512 lift
Trickflow Roller Rockers
BBK Throttle Body
Typhoon Intake Manifold
39# injectors
Stock fuel pump
MSD Ignition
Built Auto Tranny with Torque Converter and Stall Converter
Transbrake (Not Installed)
Upgradred Aluminum Radiator

Here’s the question at hand:
I have a big decision to make and i want the advice of the community. I have about $4K in credit at a reputable online shop (don’t really want to say where) and i can’t decide between these two options. Car will mostly be used for 1/4 mile track and maybe twice a month cruise. I have a 2017 EcoBoost as a daily with Suspension Mods, FR Intake and Tune.

Option A: 93 Pump S/C
Vortech V-3 Si Polished Complete Kit
DW Fuel Pump
(Will probably buy the AF Power Pipe Separately)

Option B: E85 and ~150 Shot
Zex Nitrous Kit
Window Switch, Bottle Warmer, opener safety features, etc
Transmission Cooler
Aftermarket Oil Pan
Race Star 15in Wheels w/ Drag Radials (Can’t decide on which) - Would only like to do rears
DW Fuel Pump
Fuel Rail Kit with SS Fuel Lines
New Headlights
New Taillights
Possibly some shocks/springs

For either option i will pay for a dynotune separately. What set-up would be the quickest at the track and most reliable? Assume i have the same drag radials on both A and B. If you have another route you would take. Please share it.

I appreciate everyones input.


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