99 cobra or 04 R1


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Feb 24, 2006
alright guys big decision here either get a 99 cobra very good condition or a 2004 Yamaha R1

if nobody knows about the R1 183hp at 10,500 rpm price will be around $8000
the cobra im going to get around $5000, i know the guy
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aren't you like 18? you're gonna destroy either one you get. go with the car, it's safer. go with the R1 if you have a coffin picked out already.

ps. have you even had/driven a mustang before? you may not wanna just jump into a cobra. there's a pretty big step between GT and Cobra. I started at the bottom of the ladder with 96 v6 then worked my way up. just a thought.
I agree, R1 could =deathwish... but being 18 does not mean you with destroy either one. I have two friends: One bought a 99 R1 and had NEVER driven a bike--EVER, he did fine but sold it before he hurt himself. My other friend didn't know how to drive a manual transmission, his parents bought him a 02 WS6 TransAM--- he still owns the car today, not a single ding on it.

IMHO leave the bike for when you can afford having a sunday toy. Get the cobra and be smart with it.
what do you mean by too much for the cobra and bike (i might sound pissy but i'm not) i drove my friends kawasaki 636 and on the first time out i hit 90 and my brother let me drive his 05' gto which is fun and the night before he got rid of his s2000 he let me drive hard(he bout sh** himself i guess he didnt know i could drive so good
No 17 year old kid just getting his drivers license needs a 2004 Yamaha R1. :nono:

At 17 your testicles are WAY bigger than your brain and this condition has proven to be fatal on many occasions. We don't want to have to change your Stangnet user name to "littledeadguy07.

Old sport bike was a 2001 Honda CBR600F4i 10k miles in 4 months before getting hit by a minivan.
Currently own a 2004 Mustang Gt and a 2002 suzuki SV650 set up for Track use only.

the car vs bike debate is one where you need to be very honest with yourself. Have you ever ridden before? if no, do not get the R1, it's too much bike. Yes, i know the argument "i'll be careful and go easy and be careful etc etc.." While you might infact be very responsible, a bike like the R1 does not let itself to mistakes nicely. you go for a panic stop and accidently grab a fist full of throttle instead fo fist full of brake and you have a serious problem. i looked on the LS1 board, those guys are getting into the 9's with about 580-600RWHP. According to sport rider an 04 R1 will run a 9.93 right out of the box with no performance mods(in the hands of a trained rider). the ramifications of such an extreme power to weight ratio are serious. they are seriously fast and should be reserved for experienced and capable riders...
motorcycle quarter mile 60-80mph (sec.) 80-100mph (sec.) Top speed
YZF-R1 ('04) 9.93 @ 147.4 2.8 2.92 184

I'm always trying to explain the joys of riding to people. Aas much as i love my mustang, I'm a rider at heart. if you're serious about learning to rider, really learing how to RIDE, get older smaller CC bike, ride the wheels off it and then get the R1. Until then stick with the cobra, the ones who love you will thank you...

Personally if it were me, I'd get neither the R1 or the cobra. I'd get an R6, but that's just me...
I have a 2005 ZX10R which is at least as powerful as an R1. I would go with the Cobra out of experience. Better deal on the Cobra. More practical for DD use. Much safer for a young man, no matter how responsible one is. You may wreck the car hot rodding, but you'll wreck yourself hot rodding the bike. IMHO
well guys the cobra got sold without me knowing for 8k, i think im going to wait on the R1 and im going to get an 03 or 04 kawasaki zx6r 636 thanks for the imput and concern though
littleguy07 said:
well guys the cobra got sold without me knowing for 8k, i think im going to wait on the R1 and im going to get an 03 or 04 kawasaki zx6r 636 thanks for the imput and concern though

That's sounds great! The 636 is a very good bike and is much more forgiving than an R1. You'll still be able to go extremely fast and your skills will have room to "grow", but the safety margin will be quite a bit higher. Congrats. Let me know if you're ever in Phoenix and we'll hit the canyons.
If you have never ridden a bike DO NOT buy an R-1. It is way too much bike even for some seasoned riders. The cobra would be a better choice, but as 95 yellow suggests, the Cobra is a large step from any other car. I plowwed my 98 Cobra into a concrete wall the 2nd day I had it. Either way you go, just be careful if the roads are slick from rain or fog.