A build for my father...

Hello everyone. I mostly write in the 5.0 part of stangnet, but today I am coming to the 4.6 people for a little advise. My father for 23 years of my life has passed away on March 22ed and he passed down his 2002 mustang GT to me. Now trust me I would give it all away for 10 more min. with him if I could but I know thats not going to happen. So I am going to do what he would want.......To build one BAD ASS car. I am thinking about going with the roots style blower, maybe a kenbell or whipple but I dont have my heart set on anything yet. I want to stroke the engine out to a 5.0 with all forged internals of course. My goal is around 600-650 rwhp and I am just looking for someone who can help lead the way. I was wondering if I NEED a return-style fuel system? Also what size fuel pump? would 60lb injectors work good? Can I get to my goal with ported SOHC heads? what would be a good set of cams for my set up? I beleave the transmission is a TKO600 or t45? not sure but he mentioned it was upgraded, it has 4.11 gears and an aluminum driveshaft now.
The car is in great shape with less then 50,000 miles, convertible, also has an invader body kit and is bright yellow from the factory. If anyone has some good info or can point me in the right direction would be great!
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You want to build a badass 2V to honor your father? I can respect that. TRICK FLOW HEADS and Intake, big bore+stroker shortblock, HP turbo system and matching cams, maybe a shot of NO2 on top. Doesn't get much more badass than that. Good luck, remember the good times with your dad, and have fun with the build.