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Sep 2, 2004
Just wanted you all to know that I finally figured out my rough running engine problem...after pulling codes, much voltmeter testing, pulling codes, replacing a couple valves & sensors, pulling codes, much votlmeter testing...and much voltmeter testing... checking vacuum lines & memorizing the entire Haynes manual... I discovered that I was right about it being the MAF all along! I figured out that you have to disconnect the harness to the MAF very slowly for the motor to continue to run. And after I figured that out, I noticed right away that the motor ran better without the MAF plugged in at all. And like-wise ran worse when I plugged it back in. Alot of work for something simple, but now I'm just this much closer to knowing everything :D Maybe this experience will help someone else out. Thanks

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congrats. you passed EEC 101. now do you want a job doing this for a living. BTW you will only get paid 1.0 hour in a shop to diag that EEC problem with a customer looking out the window at you wondering why it's taking that monkey ( you) so long too figure it out. i mean it must be simple right, it's just a car..