Adjustable strut-rod project going well, pics.


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Nov 2, 2002
Splendora, Tx
Man I finally got my piece from the machinist.

It’s clearly not done; I still need to put spacers and clean it up, and add the hole for the bolt. I know I got a few pm’s last time about it and thought I’d post a pic. Here is my page on why and how. When it’s complete, I’ll have dims and a complete write up.


the frame in this pic is cut out of a 67.........

this is street or tracks version. TCP also has one.
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it's free, trade for work i'm doing on a 65 t-bird.

you wouldn't believe the shape the brakes were in on that thing, scary!

i think it weighs about 4 lbs right now. i still need to have the OD turned down and the base(thick part) will be about 1/3 as thick. with the steel tube used for the strut rod, it will actually save weight.
eric, that's gonna be sweet, let me know how it turns out. i think i may have found some hidden money in my garage, so i might get to do some more of the stuff i've been planning on a little sooner that i had thought since i'm blowing all my money on the paint job