AFR 205 Questions for 393


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Feb 5, 2002
Tempe, Arizona
Hey guys...I'm doing a 393. I was wanting to do AFR 185's, since I noticed they had emission legal ones. The shop who'll be doing the motor Suggested I go with the 205's instead, and that they can make them emissions legal as well. Can this be done? Also, When using the search on here I noticed someone said the 205's have a little higher port than the 185's. Will this cause problems getting the swap headers to fit or line up with everything right? It will also primarily be a street motor with occasional passes down the strip, it won't be a dog off the line with the 205's will it? I mentioned to them I wanted it to be something I could get in and drive out of state and back with no problems, and to pass emissions. They said with a mild cam it would be around 500 hp and completely reliable and emissions safe...sound right? I trust the guys fully, they've always been good to me, but I like to hear what people on here have to say as well. Thanks!
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the 185 head is too small for the 393.. WIll it be a dog off the line with the 205's? comon lol :D You got cubes on ur side!!

How high you plan on spining the motor?

HYD or solid roller cam? You will need the special tie-bar lifters if you want to use a HYD roller cam in a non hyd roller block. THey are $$$, just keep that in mind. What year block is it?

About the headers, get kooks. Yes they are money, but they fit well(for any head/year), and you can get the 1-7/8 primaries if that is ideal for you settup. Please dont stick some 1-5/8 351 swap shorties on it. We dont have many options in our 94/95's, kooks is the way to go.

I dunno about the emmisions thing, im sure it can be done.. all it is is a hole that goes throught the head and meets with the exhaust ports, allowing the smog pump to pump air into the exhaust.
Was thinking of a ported lightning lower and my stock cobra upper ported to match so that it looks somewhat stock. Or a Trick Flow one. I'm really not sure what year the block is, guess I'll have to ask him some more questions about it. How much were your kooks? How's your car mannered on the street? Thanks for the help. Is this really that much more of a PITA than any other swap besides the swap parts?
that intake will be very restrictive. I think the trickflow R would be best. Email ed curtis, see what he thinks. I was originally gonna go with a 393 from chp, and he told me to use the 205's. We never got to discusing intake manifolds for it though, cause i picked up the 418 shortly after.

The kooks are 630 from bennet racing. Uncoated. BTW the tiebar lifters are 450 or so alone if its an older block.