Airaid CAI and Superchips Cortex. Work together?


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Mar 15, 2011
I recently ordered a Superchips Cortex power programmer and an Airaid Cold Air Intake for my 06 GT. I ordered them together and received the Cortex this past week. I am still waiting on the CAI to arrive this week. I programmed the car and it runs awesome! Like night and day. My car is completely stock except for the Cortex and Corsa Sport Axlebacks. While reviewing the info on the programmer, the manual states that the tune is really meant for stock vehicles only. By adding a CAI, could result in running the car lean.

My question is, is this really the case? I purchased the Airaid system as it is advertised that the vehicle does not require a retune of the computer. Will I be okay by installing the Airaid with Cortex still installed on the vehicle? Superchips is stating that i need to purchase and upgrade for the tuner. But with the airaid, it has that insert near the MAF sensor that prevents issues with any warning lights. Anyone have same or similar add on's to their vehicle's?

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Mar 13, 2007
You should send these parts back and buy an intake/tune package from Brenspeed or one of the other dealers that offer custom tuning. You will get a matched intake/tuner/custom tune. As a bonus, most reputable tuners offer free tunes with the purchase of future upgrades.