Anna Nicole Smith has passed away

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New Member
Oct 29, 2006
Jackson, MI
i would find it funnier if it was related to trim spa in some way lol....but someone dies you gotta have some respect...sure she got with the old guy and was a stripper but she was just trying to better her life...if it came down to it im sure a lot of us would do whatever needed.
meh am I supposed to care?

she died from drugs, no sympathy

Its like the guy who dies because he refused to wear a seatbelt.. sucks but it is his own damn fault.

its funny how movie stars/ singers are always glorified, but sad reality is they are just humans like you and me.. alot of them not so bright


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Apr 26, 2002
what Aaron is really thinking "Is it wrong to masturbate to pictures of a dead chick?"

she was stupid, one less moron in the world, good ridance. One less media junky to mess with the youth of America.