Another Originality ?

The Dan

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Jul 16, 2003
Orange County, CA
I found a source for my correct date coded 2bbl intake. So, my question is, before I buy, when Ford would build a 289, (in my case) would the Block, Heads, Intake, etc, all have the same casting number date, or are the date codes just within the same time era. I assume they wouldn't match by the exact date, but if I knew for sure I wouldn't have to ask :D

For example heads and intake manufactured within a month or so of each other?
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Jul 10, 2001
No the date codes wold be close but not exactly the same, this applies to body parts too. As I go over my 65 Ive found many different date codes but all are within what seems to be about a 1 month time frame. I dont know if theres any tme window to be considered correct but I do know that they arent exactly the same.