Any input on my 347 stroker problem?


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Apr 4, 2006
canton, ohio
Hey everyone,

I just joined this site to hopefully get some knowledgeable input on my current situation. My car appears to be getting too much gas as of this moment, as a simple stall results in flooded spark plugs. Anyway my current setup included a 347 stroker w/ CNC ported/polished Twisted Wedge Heads, 1.6 roller rockers, Trick Flow stage 1 cam(.499,.512), intake spacer, Track Heat intake, BBK 65 mm throttle body, 76mm C&L mass air system, MSD distributor, FMS 9mm wires, 30lb injectors, BBK 255 lph fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, BBK full length headers, off-road mid pipe, borla exhaust, and an upgraded cooling system and oiling setup, as well as other performance related upgrades. It seems like my car is getting too much gas, and I am wondering if my fuel injectors are too big? The engine has a fairly rough idle right now and I realize it's not going to run perfect being a '95 GT w/ a stock computer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You are not gonna have a lot of luck with trying to make that combo work on a GT pcm with no tune.

The two biggest things that are hurting you are your extra cubic inches which throws off the load BIG time and the 30's/maf.

You might be able to pull something like that off with a Cobra but the GT pcm deals with load from a different perspective and of the two, it is the least forgiving about mods like aftermarket maf and larger inj's.

A good tune and all in Stangland will be right once more :banana:

btw, don't let anybody tell you the 30's are too big :nono:

Welcome to 94-95 :SNSign:

If your running near stock pressure you are probably fine regarding the injector size. What is your base timing at? I would be concerned that perhaps the timing is off and your not getting a good burn...