Anyone have a step by step for removing fenders for 66


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Apr 20, 2000
Portland, OR
I have as of yet never removed the fenders of my 66 but I have a need to now. does anyone have a good process (what items need to come off first) or any gotchas they want to share to help me out.

thanks :shrug:
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As you can see by my Avatar, I have do this. Leave in the bolts that run along the top under the hood. There are a few bolts behind the headlights if I remember correctly. There is a hidden one behind the kick panels on each side. Oh yea, and some along the bottom. Remove the bolts along the top last so they will help you hold the fender up while you remove everything else. Its been awhile since I did mine, but it wasnt a terrable process. :rolleyes:
It is straight forward as to what has to come off first.

Bumper, head light door, headlight bucket, lower grille, lower valance and stone guard.
Not sure of the exact order of operations, but it's easy.

There is 1 bolt under the fender behind the front wheel, one bolt that has to be accessed with the door open near the hinge, and one bolt behind the kick panel on the inside. There are two bolts behind the headlight on the driver's side that are kind of hiding back there too. That's pretty much it.