Anyone heard from the Stanger with neighbor trouble?

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drakesdad said:
Just curious what happended with the neighbor kid that backed into the car and if everything worked out......I think he moved to Illinois......anyone got an update..
That would me. So far the police are still on the "look out" but havent issued a warrant, they came to the apt. building and asked the father where his kid was and he said he was staying at his mothers house, but couldnt "remember" where that was, and again played stupid when asked what the sons mothers name was!!! This guy is really dumber then a box of rocks but any one can tell he is covering for his kid, the cop got upset and left him with another warning for the kid to turn himself in or a warrant will be issued for impedeing an investigation. Any way so far its been quiet since he's been gone and the landlord kicked him off the property, and we are still looking for a house. Ive calmed down some but still am paranoid at night wondering if the car will get vandalized, if that were to happen I would go nuts and have planned my temp insanity defense.:uzi: