Anyone still have OE factory alarm system on their Fox?


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Dec 2, 2000
Lehigh Acres Fla.
Just curious if any of you have an OE alarm system in your Fox. Not sure when Ford started installing alarms, but I have one in my 92. Has to be OE because it says "Ford" on the main control module. The siren WAS attached to the plastic cover that went over the ignition coil and solenoid. Its just sitting in there now.

I'm asking because the remote is kind of messed up. Keychain portion is broke so I cannot attach it, and the disarm button doesn't always work. It's kind of worn out. It has starter disable so I have to push the disarm button before it will start, regardless if I armed it or not. It's either that or push the valet button once. I want to use the alarm, is there a way I can get another remote made some place?
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It wasn't factory installed. It was a dealer installed accessory. Of course you could get it yourself from a Ford dealer and install it yourself. They were not cheap.