Anyone swap 87-90 fenders with 91-93???


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May 12, 2005
My neighbor gave me a front fender off a 91-93. I know this because I measured mine and compared it to his. Around the wheel it's 1/4 of a difference. Anyways the 91-93 seem to be easier to find in decent shape and I was thinking about just searching for another. My question is have you seen anyone or have you yourself swapped one for the either? If so could you notice a difference.
Me personally, I would think that 1/4 of an inch would be unnoticeable. If anything it may make the rear appear to set a bit higher. almost like it had different sized tires or different springs........Anyways just cusious if anyone could notice this small difference???
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as most of us know, 90-93 fenders are a bit more tapered at the front to allow for the 16" wheel to turn without rubbing.

i know there is at least one user running one fender on one side and the other type of fender on the other side. shouldn't be that much difference, but if it were me i'd want them to match up. especially so you don't have one tire rubbing and the other clearing.
Clearance is most defiently not an issue, and which ever way I go the other side will be the same. I have a driver side freebie 90-93, so I was thinking about going this route. My issue is if there is a difference in look from front to rear with the swap.
I haven't measured anywhere else besides the center of the fender just above the tire..
Consensus is that everything else will line up and look at the same..I.E. ground effects, the bottom of the front bumper will line up and end at the same spot as the larger fender. ETC, ETC.
87-90 and 91-93 is the interchange for the FOX fender.

The difference is at the front of the fender. The moldings are also different sizes between the two types of fenders. I would say it would be unoticeable, because after all you don't see both sides at once.
I've got the Mustang with both fenders on one car. My son's '93 has the stock '93 on the left and a '90 on the right. Got the car that way. The ONLY difference is the taper from the moulding line DOWNWARDS on the FRONT of wheel opening. Of course that requires a matching front lower extension and moulding too. It is about 3/4 of an inch difference, I butted them up together during the rebuild process to find this out. The part # starts with D9ZZ on the 87-89 fender, fitting all the way back to the first '79 Fox Mustang and the '91-'93 starts with F1ZZ indicating a redesign in 1991. I know this is correct due to my 18 years as a Ford parts man. There is no rubbing on my son's 4 cylinder car with Pony wheels and stock size 225-55-16 tires and stock ride height.
Case closed. :)
i had to cuz i went and got my cobra ground fx from ford..the wouldnt fit my 90 fenders....
The reason the break in on the '91-up models is that is the first year for put 16" wheels on the Mustang, up to '90 they used 14" & 15" wheels on all applications is various wheel styles and widths.

You might think that even through the tire is the same width and same overall diameter, that the 16" would bolt up w/o rubbing. Some tires will, but with lower profiled tires, the tires square off more on the corner/edges, thus creating the need for extra clearance.